Monday, February 23, 2009

Terrible News

Hey guys, its Brucies Manager. I have some terrible news. So Brucie enjoyed his car ride with Natalia so much, that he and her went back out for another, same setting, with the same song playing Stuck With Eachother by Shontelle and Akon. And some other jealous blogger whose name we dont have permission to include, cut the brakes on Brucies car, and they were going way to fast, and the car flipped off the road into a herd of cows, who got startled and stampeded the car. Sadly, Natalia was killed :(. An angry cow crushed her skull. Luckily, Brucie is alive right now, but he is under extreme care at the hospital, barely making it. Luckily, he is being kept in the same room as Rihanna, who if you havnt heard, has gone through an extremely tragic incident too, including artist Chris Brown beating her. And we all feel terrible for her, and hope she has a full, speedy recovery. So when Brucie gets back, he will have tons to talk about! Feel free to send any fan mail/poems/drawings/cards you wanna make for him to and i will bring it to him right away. Thanks.

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