Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hannah Montana Ending?

Is the multi-million Disney phenomena tv show Hannah Montana coming to an end? It is not yet confirmed, but it is believed that the 2009 Hannah Montana Movie will be the end of this double-life pop star's tv show. It is possible the trailer was just put together to give us all a scare, but its pretty convincing, and she obviously is torn choosing wether she wants to keep living 2 lives, or if she wants to go back to when she could just be herself, Miley Stewart. If this is truly the end of this hit tv series, no new episodes will be made. It is all a possibility that Hannah Montana concerts will no longer be available. But, just because HM is leaving the scene, doesn't mean Miley is going anywhere. Right now she is worth about 65 million dollars, so why would she stop now?

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